Friday, September 7, 2012

TBA Open House Week Ketch-up!

So....I know this is hard to believe, but I'm kinda behind on Open House Week.  Oh the Horror!  I'm going to post some bulletin boards, AND a freebie for freebie Friday!
Thursday: Bulletin Boards
I got this!  Here are a few of my current boards.....
 The owls are for my helpers and behavior clip chart.  The snapshots board is to display those lovely IB Learner Profiles.  We're going to add poloroids of us displaying these traits later on, as they are introduced.

And here's our Husky, Hector welcoming all my Firsties to a brand new year!!

Now Friday.  Freebies?! bout a Pete the Cat letter-word-sentence sort?  My kids love love love Pete; so I've been creating all sorts of Pete-like products to use in class here's one of the latest ones. Just click the pics to rock your way all the way to my Pete sort. 
And now, you've stuck around long enough.  Here's one of our activities this week.  The kids really loved it.  It was a read and write the room with the HFW from our Reading street Story, Sam.  They feel so grown up when they get to grab a clipboard, and wander (with a  purpose) around the room. You can find the original here.


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  2. I love your boards. That owl board is so cute!
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