Saturday, October 3, 2015

Audio Boom tutorial

It's Fall Y'all!  A new year, a new series of trainings.  I've had so much response to my AudioBoom training, I'm posting my slides here.  

This is a great free app for teachers!  It allows you to record yourself and generate a QR code linked to the recording.  It's so simple, anyone can do it!

Can you say listening centers?!  Tape a QR code to the inside of the book & your students can scan it and listen and follow along in the book.  I use it when I send books to my nephew.  He's an emergent reader and listening and tracking text is part of the learning process.  lol, I also use my dog to bark when it's time to turn the page....I'm sure that helps ramp up the "fun factor."

However you use it, please, please, please give this app a try & let me know how you like it!

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Currently!

YAY!  I't currently time!

I am listening to Grey's Anatomy at the moment.  I am sooooooo excited TGIT is back with new episodes.  I <3 that I now have a reason to watch 3 straight hours of TV on Thursday.

I love this time of year.  Weather is getting cooler <kind of.>  In Texas, fall weather in October means it only gets to the low 80s.  We are in luck this weekend, because the lows are in the 60s!

Yeah....secret....must.not.waiver.  All will be revealed later, or when someone spills the beans (not me!)

OMG> Boots.  Must have.  I am #obsessed with them.  I do limit myself to one pair of boots each fall.....otherwise it's be outta control! These are the ones I'm just itching to buy this season.  I love that they have stretch across the back.  They get so tight when you get multiple layers....I feel like stretch would be more comfortable.  Must. Wait. for Friends and Family Sale.  Must. Wait.

Nuff said.

Last weekend was tons of fun.  All my brothers and I got together and just hung out. No distractions, just our families.  #perfect

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