Wednesday, June 15, 2016

ideas for using Padlet....

Yesterday, I posted about the ins and outs of If you missed it, click here

Now, for the fun stuff.....what can you do with it?  Well, the possibilities are seriously endless, but....I thought I'd post a few ideas in the coming days.  

Use it as an exit ticket for your lesson, a "show what you know" tool.  Your students can post a picture and an idea about your lesson.  Keep it simple and just post pictures, or more advanced students can type their ideas and thoughts about the topic.


Add pictures and links to short videos.  Students could make reports on different subjects.
Or.....Teachers could use it to drive a lesson.  I'm a big fan of powerpoint or some sort of presentation software to keep me on topic as we go through lessons, and this does the same job, just a more direct route.

What about you? How have you used this versatile tool in your classroom?


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  1. Thanks for the cool ideas! I've been thinking about how to incorporate it in my 6th grade math class!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings