Friday, May 23, 2014

End of Year Bulletin Board Idea

So....who's ready for summer?!  I know I am!  Like most of you, we have had a "countdown" going for quite awhile now.  I am ALMOST more excited than the kids are for summer!  It's been a long year of struggles and accomplishments, and I'm ready for a vacation.

So begins the breaking down of my room.  A monstrous task, but at least I have some willing helpers. We just got the ok from my principal to take down student work outside & put up a "summer" themed bulletin board.  I chose a countdown theme, and also one that reminded my "eager" kiddos that school is still in session. I found the original idea on pinterest.

"Stay on Target, There's still ___ days left of school!"
Easy Peasy.  Cover your board (I *might* be using the same background that's been up since January--does blue glitter ever get old?!)  Put up a border, I chose this red chevron I found at

 Lakeshore, I found it online at Really Good Stuff (click the pic.)   You'll also need a target.  If you don't have one sitting around (who doesn't?!)  Here's some simple instructions: all I did was trace a bowl on red butcher paper to start with, cut it out.  Then, I glued it to white butcher paper, and traced a circle that followed the same outline about 4 inches all the way around.  Cut that out, and glued it to a red piece of butcher paper, repeat the process a few times (alternating red & white), and .......VIOLA!  Target.

To make the arrow, I just cut a triangle out of foil, and twisted some black paper for the straight part.  I stapled some "Fringe" cut out of paper to the top, BAM....easy arrow.

The last, is the countdown.  2 sets of squares with numbers on them.  I stapled them in correct number order, AND THEN stapled that bunch to the wall.  That way, I send a kid to tear a number off each morning.  

That's it!  Insta-board.

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