Sunday, July 13, 2014

New App Alert: Automatic Seating Charts?

What that you say?  No more hours wasted honing the perfect seating arrangement?!  Your day of freedom has arrived!  There's a new site in  It takes all the guess work out of putting together a seating chart, and the best's free!

This is a web 2.0 tool, so you'll only find it online.  Start at  You'll have to sign up for an account (free.)  The lite version is free, and there's also a paid version ($15/yr.)  The only difference I can see is that the paid version would allow you multiple classes. Once you've signed in, start the magic!

You'll name your class and it gives you a blank canvas to create your classroom arrangement.  All you do it point and click where you need a desk.  Oops, made a mistake?  No problem-o, just click on the desk again & it disappears!  Easy-peasy!  Save, and move to the next step.
Add your students.  You'll be able to go back and edit things later, but now just get their names in so they can be sorted into a desk.  Save your work & VOILA!  Your kiddos are in a seating chart!
Once they've been seated, you can always go in and add "relationships" to them....who they get along with, who they don't need to be around!  There's a "pin" button that allows you to keep certain students in place, even if you reshuffle the entire class.  The up and down arrows will allow you to move students to the front or back of the class.

Please, go play with this online tool.  It will save your time and sanity!


  1. Hmm, if there's one thing that I hate about teaching, it's making seating charts. I'm off to take a look!

    1. woot woot! I hope it makes yor life much...much easier!! Happy summer :)