Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What happens in Vegas.....

Will most definitely NOT stay in Vegas!  Last week was a whirlwind!  I learned so many new things, met so many amazing people...I cannot even begin to relay the awesomeness of the experience!  I went BY MYSELF, not knowing anyone; and I must say....this was one of the best vacations I've ever taken!
This was one of my most favorite nights....we went to see New Kids on the Block!  Great concert, with a great group of new friends!  
Then there was the night we saw this amazing show.....
But #ForReal  Learning did take place.  It was not all just shows, fun, and #debauchery. 
Now to start the sharing process of all the good stuff that was going on that week. I'm linking up with Mrs. Russell's Room to start the sharin'.....
This was an overall theme to most of the sessions.  Ways that we can add value to our products.  Buyers have to trust that the products we create have value.  TpT only allows 4 preview slides, and most of our products have hundreds of do you choose?  Enter, the preview collage.  This was like a unicorn to me. I know it was out there & I've seen them done, but I couldn't figure out a time effective way to create one.  I was sitting in Cara Carroll and Erica Boehrer's session, and they were doing some Q&A.  Erica quickly taught me this easy tip to add instant value to my products.  Create a collage, so the buyers can see what they get.  
First, Download Picasa.  It's free, online, and is a google product. Click the picture or the link to take you to the website. 
Next, save your .ppt file as pictures.  I save them on my desktop, so they're easy to find.  
Now, open Picasa.  When you open the program, it will automatically find all your picture files.  It will put the newest pictures up top.  
It orders your picture files newest first, so if you were just working on a should be top on the list.  All you need to do is click the red collage button & Picasa will work it's magic! 
Now you have a collage!  You can use the buttons on the bottom to reshuffle, or you can manually drag items
 around and resize them.  
Once your collage is set, click the "Create Collage" button.  This make your collage into a .png file.  
Lastly, click the "Export" button.  This will send the .png file somewhere on your computer.  
This is the dialougue box you'll see.  Just export, and you're ready to upload it as a preview on TpT! 
I don't know about y'all, but I'm working on adding these to all my products!  By doing this, you'll really give your buyers a sense of exactly what they're buying when they add that product to their cart.  
This has been one of my favorite tips and tricks so far....more to come soon!  
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  1. I love Picasa to make previews! Such a great tip! NKOTB was tons of fun and I'm so happy we could all go together! Can't wait until next year! :)

    1. can't wait #Tptvegas2015!!!
      i was just wondering where Picasa has been all my life?! I seriously, was trying to make previews by myself in ppt, making myself CRAZY! Picasa has saved my sanity!

  2. I went to NKOTB on Friday night :) It was a ton of fun!!

  3. Yay! I am so glad you took something back from our session. I love your tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Wow, I'm #starstruck! Y'all were awesome, this is just one tiny tidbit of what y'all taught me ;). Stay tuned, more to come....