Sunday, August 3, 2014

New York City....Here we come!!!!

we left for our Fund for Teachers adventure early this morning!  The flight in was fairly uneventful, short of a few colorful characters met along the way.  There are stories to be told, but you'll have to find me in person to hear those ;)

We made it into Newark late afternoon; our flight even arrived AHEAD of schedule!  I totally played up my bum knee and caught us a ride on the golf cart. The driver. Oh, the driver.  His cart was not equipped with a horn of any kind, so......he used his mouth-hole to make beeping noises! This lovely shot is him flailing his arms, as he  DIY-ed a horn.
he insisted I sit up front with him. joy.

After a short subway ride, (see mystery stain pic;) we made it to our hotel.  Let's play a little game, what do you think it might be?  And go...........

I won't name the hotel we're at, but it is pretty awesome.  The rooms are small, as is standard in New York, but they are modern and we are in a great location!

Just a block away from Broadway....I'm reminded of all the shows we need to see while we're here!  Times Square is just a block or so, and that's where we caught the train to the Flatiron district for dinner.

Eataly was where we landed.  This is a Mario Batali project, and is pretty much an amusement park for foodies.  It's a giant market filled with all sorts of italian style foods.  Sprinkled around inside are different won't find anything here that won't knock your socks off!  We hit 2 places inside--the Piazza (the butcher shop restaurant) and the Pizza and Pasta eatery.
La Piazza butcher counter

 We tried the "venetain bites" at the Piazza, which are 3 different types of crostini.  I don't remember anything about them, short of the homemade ricotta. O.M.G.  I am seriously #obsessed with this stuff now!  To die for!!!
crostini...LOOK at that ricotta!!

Then, we got the text our table was ready at the Pizza & Pasta!  This meal was totally worth. the. wait.   Each one of us picked an entree, and we just shared family style: GREAT idea.  I got a ravioli filled with homade RICOTTA (#obsessed) and spring pea puree.
Lara had the lasanga.  This was a veggie version...made with a bechamel, pesto, and green beans!
And then, there was the show-stopper.....Renita's calzone.  NOM.  This bad boy is stuffed with prosciutto, homemade RICOTTA, mozzarella, and a tomato sauce.  
Are we done yet?  We're no quitters!!  Our last stop was the chocolate counter and cappuccino bar.  Chocolate.  Enough said.  And coffee.  Perfection. 
We took our sweets and coffee over to Madison Square Park and did a lil people watching, and proceeded to chat the night away!  

So, good night New York....we're going to be real good friends!


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