Thursday, August 14, 2014

Storify. Learn it. Live it.

I'm always looking for new ways to get my kids excited to share their thinking.  Enter: the Twitter Talk.  How many of you have tried these with your kids, colleagues, or friends? We've been participating in quite a few twitter talks this week at Teachers College. I've used this concept with my kids before, and it's a great tool to get them engaged in a book talk!  Coolest thing ever......fairly simple concept.   Posing  questions to your readers, and collecting them in a central place by using a pre-decided upon hashtag.  GREAT for book talks! The moderator will ask the questions and finish with the #hashtag, and the participants can respond and follow with the same #hashtag.  TwitterTalks are definitely a topic for another post, BUT.............not this one.

Today, I'd like to share with you a rockin' new FREE website, Storify.
Simply put, it's a storyboarding platform.  Platform, you say?  Yeah, that's just a fancy way of saying a tool to do something.  The possibilities are endless for this "drag and drop" technology. First things first....go to and sign up for a free account.  (Quick and easy, just choose a username and password.)  Then you're ready to create!  
Wheels in my head are turning now!  I thought this would be a great tool to showcase all the great thinking in your twitter talks!  You can import tweets, facebook feeds, or picture files.
For importing tweet, all I did was choose the twitter icon on the right hand side of my dashboard.
Like magic, Storify will automatically prompt you to log in, and then all you have to do is search a #hashtag or an account you want to use as your story objects.  I chose my twitter feed, so I typed @MissCurtis5th in the search box.  Then, just "drag and drop"  whichever tweets you'd like to be a part of your storyboard.  
When you're satisfied with the length of your slideshow (I used all the tweets from my time @TeachersCollege) choose the "Publish" button in the top-middle of your dashboard.  
The only other thing you need to do is add a headline to describe your Storify board. Unfortunately, I was not too witty at midnight (when I was putting this together.)   
Now I need to publish.  Once again, Storify will magically prompt you to publish your awesomeness.  Just click the blue button & you're set! 
All that's left is to decide how to share your storyboard.  You could embed it in your website (yay!) or share it on Facebook or Twitter.  You are also now the proud owner of a unique web address to easily share with friends, if neither of the first choices interest you.  
Awesome tip: If you share it on twitter, it appears as a slideshow. I love technology!!

Storify.  Great free resource to DOCUMENT your Twitter talks, or anything really.  Learn it, live it.

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