Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Head Hunters! A sight word game

The art room is officially in full swing!  So many different projects working at one time, but sight words seem to be what we need the most practice on.  Kindergarten and first grade are exploring the Elements of Art....specifically color.  They can verbalize the colors, but most are having trouble identifying the color words.  We are practicing at every turn of our project!  Want to leave? Read a color word!  I literally walk around all day with a different color word around my neck....if they want to ask a question, they have to read the word.  Practice, practice, practice!

Enter the warm up game.  I saw this on Pinterest (see original post here), detailing practice for regular sight words.  Inspired by this game.....
I wanted to use it for our color words.  I whipped up a unit for the art room.  One set is just the primary colors, and the other is the entire color wheel.  Just click on the pics to download it for free!

Set up is easy.  Type your kiddos names in the editable box.  Print out sheets for each student.  Print the word cards on cardstock.  Give each kiddo a word card to tape to their forehead.  They walk around and read the name on their friend's forehead.  Have them draw a line from the student's name to the word they read.  Easy Peasy.
 Head Hunters Game
If you'd like the file, just click on either of the pics to download the free file!

Thanks to Alison at Hurray for FDK for the idea!