Saturday, September 12, 2015

New year, new job!

Quite a bit has changed this year.  I'm out of the classroom, and back to teaching art!!  I am so excited to be back in the art room, and to share what we've been up to.  SKETCHBOOKS!

Our first project this year was a momentous undertaking.  My district decreed that ALL students shall keep a sketchbook.  Great, right?! small problem.  I have 1,000 kiddos and no budget. EEK!   I came up with a cost effective (free) solution, that I'd love to share!

First, I took reams of copy paper that we already had (with principal approval) to Office Depot.  Why?  Well, I needed each ream cut in half, and if I did'd probably turn out like a scene from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Enter Office Depot.  They will cut reams of paper for you!  I did 2 trips, the first time they charged me  .75 cents per ream.  The second trip, I was talking to the manager about why I was cutting all this paper & she cut it all for free!  Thanks @OfficeDepot
Next, I did the same thing with cardstock we already had in the workroom.  I used a different color for each grade level.  Now the assembly.  I had a supply station set up at each table. Everything they'd need.
First, they counted out 50 sheets of copy paper.  We talked about counting in stacks of 10....just in case you lost your count! Then, they made a "sandwich" with the cardstock.  One sheet of white cardstock for the front, and one colored for the back (based on their grade level.)

Next was the straightening & tapping it nicely to make a straight edge.  They were then instructed to find a friend to help clip their book together while they held it.  Surprisingly, they all figured out the alligator help with a short demo!

Now for gluing.  I found a youtube video on binding books & surprisingly good ol' Elmers glue works like magic!  They took a foam brush and a small cup of glue & tap-tap-tap the glue into the spine.  I had them wait a few minutes for it to dry & put on a second coat.  It doesn't need to be sloppy, as long as it gets all the pages on the spine; it will hold.

Last, we put it on the drying rack for it to dry!  To finish it off, I let each class choose a duct tape pattern for the spine.  this is mainly for me to identify any rogue books not in the right place.  With the grade level colored cover + duct makes for easy identification!  All grades 2nd-5th were able to do this completely independent.  I did make an anchor chart with directions for anyone who forgot, but I was very impressed with their DIY prowess!  I had some 5th grade students come in and help with my Kinder and 1st grade students.

That's it...pretty easy!  How about y'all....any cool cheap sketchbook ideas? #PennyPinching

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