Sunday, September 2, 2012

First grade Through the Looking Glass

Yeah, no first week reflections here.  Well, maybe tomorrow. 

I've been super busy with this new clip art I'm OBSESSED with....Alice in Wonderland!!  I put together a unit to go with our first reading street & envision objectives.  I only did 4 centers, because we're just introducing the concept of workstations to my lovelies next week.  You know how that steps.  Anyways, our main focus next week with our story, Sam, is letter recognition--M, S, and T, beginning sounds, and the dreaded high frequency words.  Envision takes us into the world of simple addition to 10 and number sense.  So, my workstations will focus on those objectives.
click on picture to take you through the looking glass and into my TPT store :)

 For letter recognition, I put  together a picture sort.  I am going to put the sorting mat on a cookie sheet & put little magnets on the back of all the pictures for my kiddos to sort the beginning sounds.  Then, HFW they will unscramble some very simple sentences, and record their findings next to the picture on their recording sheet.
Math is matching number sentences with pictures that correspond to those numbers.  That way they are counting and working on that one-to-one correspondence. I thought they could write the number sentence on a recording sheet, and then draw their own picture to illustrate the problem.  And lastly, number order to 30.  Put the cards in order, and record your findings!

Check em out....I hope you love Wonderland as much as I do!

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