Tuesday, August 28, 2012

178 more days to go!

Whoa...I need a nap!  I have completed day numero dos with my little chickadees.  To say they are excited about being in school would be an understatement.  Don't get me wrong, there were a few tears the first morning, but those have long since disappeared with all the new friends and fun in first grade!
Here are a few highlights of my exhausting first few days:

How cute are they?  Now, my kiddos don't actually have smudgey-faces--they're pretty much the cutest first graders ever!  I just smudged them for some good ol' fashioned internet safety :)  We took some first day pictures to send a little keepsake home at the end of the to the end to see it!

Then,  I found an online story about First Day Jitters.  No one knew about jitters--they were all feeling them, but couldn't put the words to what they felt.  AND in the end--they find out it was the teacher with jitters *gasp*  cute book! 
Then, we dove into Babbling Abby's unit Fun with Firsties....LOVE IT!!

There are so many fun and engaging activities to choose from.  Our class favorite so far is the find-a-friend activity.  They got their very own clipboards (no I haven't bedazzled them yet--I'm a horrible teacher) and they walked around to quietly find a friend who matches the descriptor.  My principal came in during this activity, and you woulda thought a rockstar walked in--he now must know how Justin Bieber feels!  They mobbed him and were amazed to find out he had a summer birthday!!!  Just the answer they were looking for, but how do you spell your name?! 

Then, back to the Jitters.  I downloaded First Grade Jitters to my iPad, and we read it together.  Now they all knew what jitters are & could relate to the story.  We then worked through a few more activites, but who can read poems about jitter juice without making jitter juice?!  "The bubbles make all the flies in my stomach go away!"  (We had talked about butterflies in your stomach.)  This surprisingly went off without a hitch.  I had a big container with spout we made it in together, they wrote the recipe as we were making it.  And then, they got to fill up their own cups all by themselves! 

That was it in a nutshell.  Lots of practicing routines etc, but lots of fun too......
You made it to the end; so here are the treats they've gotten to take home these first few days:
freebie on my TPT

tag says: I made this magnet my very first day, so my first grade work will always be on display! 

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  1. It looks like your kiddos had an amazing day! They are blessed to have you as their teacher. =)

    Heather's Heart