Friday, August 17, 2012

5 things I'm gonna miss about the summer

Nancy at the Joy of Kindergarten started this linky.....and  inspired me , or perhaps un-spired me.   I thought I'd link up on this one; with my school year looming right around the corner.  My classroom is still a wreck, but I'm hoping to be finished *enough* to post some pics tomorrow!  There comes a point where you just have to step back and say "that'll do, pig...that'll do."  bonus points if you know what movie that's from!  With all the construction going on; I've been at school for almost 2 weeks now and feel like I've not accomplished anything.  BUT, I must remember, my kids won't know if I forget to contact paper my filing cabinet, or make a new fancy calendar board.  They'll be just as excited for a new year as I am....fancy or not.

Anyways, back to business....5 things I'm gonna miss:

1.  SLEEPING IN!!  I'm not talking about past noon or anything, but why can't we start school around 9:30 or 10?  Waking up at 5:30ish is not high on my list of awesome things to do each day.  ugh.

2.  Staying up's to all us late night party animals!!  I am the queen of staying up till 4am.  Why so late, you might ask?  Important,  random projects, Facebook, PINTEREST, catching up on True Blood, and I'm a closet follower of  Dawson's Creek on Netflix.  So, obviously, nothing life-shattering; but not having to get up at the butt-crack of dawn has it's privileges. 

3.  Getting stuff done in the afternoons.  Making appointments, running errands; all so much easier with an open afternoon schedule.  And thank you Nancy for reminding me--doing said things in workout pants and flip flops.

4.  Lunch!  You know what I mean.  The freedom to take more than your alloted 20 minute lunch time to eat.  No cafeteria funk, no inhaling your food in record time, and most importantly--no one "looking" for you during aforementioned lunchtime. favorite lunch this summer, Torchy's Tacos.  The trailer park taco will change your life ;)

5. And lastly.  Lazy summer afternoons.  The freedom to go to the pool, the mall, take a nap, sit around and read, skate, workout, write, or anything my heart desires,  I could do one, or do them schedules...who cares, it's summertime!

Le sigh.  Back to school next week.  I'm excited for a new year; but not looking forward to the early mornings and seemingly endless lists of things to do.

What about you....what are you going to miss about the summer?

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  1. This sounds like my list !! I'm always up til all hours of the morning & then when school starts, my body just doesn't adjust well to the 5:30 alarm clock! haha. Thanks for sharing ! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. thanks Kelly....I think the theme of this post is "no schedule, no responsibility, no problem!"