Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Classroom Progress....I think

Let me start this post with a few pics so you can understand the gravity of this situation.....
What? May you ask is that empty white space with brown glue horribly ripped from it's surface? Well, that is what used to be my chalk board and my Smartboard.  I am so thankful that our school is being remodeled, but it is really stressing me out that school starts back next week & I can't even start unpacking (we had to pack our ENTIRE room before we left!)  But, I did get a few bulletin boards up this afternoon; working around the "gentlemen" in and out of my room.  Today was definitely what I imagine a  classroom warzone to be--wires coming out of every orifice, randomly timed piles of God knows what falling from the ceiling, and people interrupting every few minutes for seemingly unimportant reasons.  Grrr, let me work!  Here is what I got done today, maybe it will give you some classroom inspiration!

#1 outside bulletin board.  "Now presenting the stars of Miss Curtis' Class!"  Each student will have a glitter covered star with their name on it to welcome them to first grade.  Oh, our mascot is a Husky.  The head in the hole is a picture of Hector, our actual Husky mascot :)

#2  Inside student work bulletin board: "Look whoos done great work!" This will stay up all year, and there are clothespins attached to the ribbon so I can easily change out the work--no staples! The brown paper is just laminated 12x12 scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby.  The owl header you can find in my TPT store.

#3  My Fry-day Math board.  This is a timed math drill program.  I have addition facts to 10 so far.  Each friday, we take one of the timed tests; if they get 100% on it in the allotted time-they get a popsicle stick, or fry, in their frybox.  You can work out a reward system for milestone--I get the first student with 10 fries in theie box a happy meal lunch from McDonalds!  They love it!!  It's a great motivator to learn basic math facts.  You can find it in my TPT store by clicking the picture. 

#4  My "All About Me" book.  This is a little book I made in powerpoint, I print out the pages, laminate, and bind them to make a book for my classroom library.  The kids always love reading about their teacher.  The other great part about this is...I can run the slide show continuously on my Smartboard (if it ever gets remounted) during Meet the Teacher night!

Today was certainly a big day....I'm pooped!  Of course, I will be up there tomorrow to do it all again!  


  1. I am so sorry about your stressful situation and the timing of the remodeling in your room. I can only imagine your anxiety. My friend across the hall was supposed to have her floors ripped up and replaced over the summer. They haven't even started. They reported to her today that her new floors would be complete on the day of Meet the Teacher. She can't do anything in her room. Ugh! I know she feels your pain!

  2. I absolutely LOVE your Fry Math - so cute!! Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower & a fellow first grade teacher. I'd love for you to stop by and visit :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  3. Your student work board is adorable! Found you on Kelly's blog-I'm your newest follower! Just started blogging-exciting and overwhelming! I also like your all about me book-eye catching! Come by and visit when you get a chance!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  4. Hi there! I like the student work board too!! Thanks for linking up on my "Classroom Tours" linky party!!!

    Brigid's Daily Lesson Log

  5. could i get a copy of your all about me templates you used in powerpoint?