Sunday, August 26, 2012

'Twas the Night Before First Grade...

and all through the house.  Not a creature was sleeping; especially the totally stressed out teacher--lying awake to all hours thinking about all she needs to get done on the very first day tomorrow!  I'll post about the first week (it makes me cringe to even write those words) sometime this week.  But for now......Meet the Teacher Night Morning.
Our morning starts out bright and early with our itty-bittys.  They show up eager to meet their new teacher.  My favorite part of the morning--they all walked in & didn't say hi to me.  Their first words to their bright eyed (coffee-fueled)  teacher were, "Yeah, but where's Bertie?!"  I think I need to get a cardboard cutout of my dog to sit in her bed for the time that she's not in the classroom.
So, I set up stations for my visitors this time around, thanks Ms. Tunstall--I got that rad idea from you! It worked out great!  They had a plan of action; so they we're all just wandering the room--fighting for my attention (I'm talking about the parents; not the kids, lol.)  Station 1 was to sign in  and find their student's desk & cubby.  I also urged them to grab a pen & fill out all that paperwork to get a head start on the week.  There was a box to turn completed papers in right next to the sign in sheet.
     Then #2.  This one was for the kiddos, and they LOVED IT!  Sorting their supplies.  How many hours have you spent sorting 20-odd kiddos junk?  I put out boxes with labels and pictures & they did it themselves.  It was like a game, and it kept them busy and entertained while parents and I talked.  I am totally leaving these out for the first day of school.  #winning!
     #3 was to tell me how you're getting home.  I just had a boring clipboard and paper.  wah.wah. It got the job done!
     #4 and lastly, take all your papers & your treat with you!  I had little baggies of starburst on their desk "I'm bursting with happiness you're in my class!"  You can find it free in my TPT store.  And of course, say bye to Miss Curtis before you leave. The purple cards are business cards I got from Vistaprint & laminated.  I stuck a magnet on the back--and now my parents have contact info at their fingertips; assuming they stick it on their fridge as directed.  
     And randomly, here is the QR code poster I put on my door.  Parents were fascinated by it.  I had to show most of them how to use them, but definitely an instant hit!

     One of my better Meet the Teacher Mornings, and I'm pumped for the year ahead!  I just hope I can go to bed sometime before 3am tonight...........
And lastly, this is the view from my door.  Notice the neatness & order.  It won't happen again! 


  1. We just learned about making QR codes at our tech kickoff a few days ago. What an ingenious idea for using one! I love it!