Thursday, July 26, 2012


I am just about all IB'ed out after 3 days of a conference. Granted, we were in Austin....YAY!!   Between the food, derby, and 6th street experiences; I did actually learn a few things.  The program is more a method than anything.  It's inquiry-based and student-driven, BUT there is sooooooooo much that goes into it!  This is my 3rd workshop to participate in, and I feel like I've only just gotten my feet wet in the giant IB ocean.  If you've never heard of the program, I've linked their logo to the IB website for your viewing pleasure.   That was my IB sidetrack for the to the good stuff


Have you ever used this website?  It's a free web-based application that you can upload a picture, create a "mouth," and then record sound to make that mouth talk.  Simple idea, but WOW so many applications!
     My kids think this is HILARIOUS!  Last year, we studied how to research a topic; and they chose one animal to explore.  Their next task was to  write a "mini-report" on that animal and draw a detailed picture.   I snapped a picture of it and uploaded it to the website.  They did need help to manipulate the mouth-making tool, but then came the fun part.  They read their report into the computers microphone & VIOLA.....we made their picture talk!  You can take those files and post them to blogs, facebook, etc.

Here's one that my little firsties did last year...her animal was a giselle....
If you work with the mouth tool, you can get the mouth better defined.   I love it just the same!

How do you think you might be able to use this in your classroom? 

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