Saturday, July 14, 2012

Handy Parent Communication

     I have another communication solution via technology.  This one makes sending little reminders sooooo easy!  Rather than writing notes in agendas, or making a million copies.....try Remind101.
     This is a web-based gadget (you can get an app on the iPhone, but not an Android yet.)  You sign up for a free account, and they assign you a faux-phone number.  You pass this along to your student's parents & they text "subscribe" to that number.  Then, you can send reminders via text to your parents without giving out your personal cell number.  The message shows up as "a note from Miss Curtis,"  making the number anonymous, but  still no question as to who it came from.  They've also added a feature so you set up reminders ahead of time.  This is great; you can actually plan ahead & not have to worry about it the day before a big event like a field trip, class party, etc.  Set up groups to send messages out, or just send out individual notes. Can we say parent conference reminders?! 

     I am just in love with this service.  I don't have to wonder if Little Johnny made it home with his note; the reminder goes straight to the parents, no middle man.  I'm interested to see if y'all can come up with any other exciting ways to use this tool. QUESTION:  How would you  put this to work in your classroom?

     So........Save a tree!  Text that reminder instead of wasting your time and energy on writing little notes home :)

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  1. Hey Carrie!
    I am planning on using this in my room this year! It is a great way to stay in touch...I haven't played enough with it to know how else I plan to incorproate it but I can't wait to find out!
    Curls and a Smile