Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Daily 5: Chapter 4

  This chapter outlines the first steps of launching the Daily 5 in your classroom.  You will introduce each behavior, one at a time; and build on each to create a strong foundation.
    They always have you start with students gathered on the floor.  The first lesson is about the 3 ways to read a book.  I love this!!  This takes into account, whatever stage of reading development; any student can be successful in a sustained reading time.
1) Read and talk about the pictures
2) Read the words
3) Retell a previously read book

     It's initially taught in 2 lessons.  The first day starts with them helping you read a book by talking in detail about the pictures.  Next, ask them to listen to what's different as you read the story.
*Whether you read the words or pictures, or both together; you should be:
MAKING MEANING....your brain is very busy!
    The second day is about reflection and making an "I-chart" depicting what reading to self sounds like, looks like, etc.  My favorite part....modeling.  After much discussion, you have a student model the right way to read to himself; pointing out each behavior in the I-chart.  Next, have one of the "more active" students model the wrong way to read to yourself--pointing out why each behavior isn't appropriate.  Can't wait to try this! This is a chart I found over @ flipping for first...

  Start out small, 3 minute practice, come back to the floor REFLECT.  This is great, because being Reflective is one of our IB behaviors...I love the cross-curricular connection!   Try one more 3 minute practice, reflect.  The next days simply have the goal of building stamina, one minute at a time, per day.  You should be practicing the same timed behavior 3-4 times a day; always stopping to reflect between each practice.  The end goal is to create students who have the stamina to read 30-45 minutes uninterrupted.  WOW!
    So that's it in a nutshell.  I really think the starting small and building will help grow confident and successful readers. Happy Reading!
we can totally use this as a graphic reminder of all the stamina we're building!!
 All the super cute graphics came from Nicole @Flipping for First Grade

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