Sunday, April 13, 2014

Another fabulous free website!  Heard of it?  I am loving it right now!
Yeah, I know, it isn't the prettiest site design, BUT...............
The product of this amazing free web based program is amaze-balls!  Everyone has heard of and by now.  Ya know, word clouds.  Well, this is like a word cloud on crack!  My biggest issue with word clouds is the jumble that you are left with.  Great for brainstorming, but not much else.  Enter: Festisite.  
This website lets you type or copy & paste your own text and create shapes ......wait for it..............and the words retain their order and meaning!  Fascinating!  They offer a spiral, heart, maze, or waves.  Hey, they'll even make a banner out of your writing to hang in hallway (I hope you have a few reams of paper--they print one letter per page.) 
So easy, just go to their website, and choose "Instant Creativity" from the pull down menu.  From that menu, choose text layout.  
Then, all you have to do is enter your writing. 
click the "Layout Text" after you've chosen your shape
And then this magical website generates a .pdf file of your twisted up writing.....all words in perfect order!  
BAM!  (arrows not included) 
Simple as that.  I truly hope you can utilize this website.  It's free, and would work for any grade level any subject.  
Happy Sunday!

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