Thursday, April 10, 2014

April Currently

well, I'm a little late with this one but hey......better late than never!

I've been a little busy these past few months.  Getting ready for my first STAAR test as a 5th grade teacher, knee surgery, and just life in general.

Good news, STAAR Test is just a week away.  Bad news, STAAR Test is just a week away.  Lolz :)

So, guilty pleasures.  I have a few, but I'd say reality TV will be my downfall.  I am OBSESSED with it!  I love me some Teen Mom, The Little Couple, Dance Moms, and I'm sure there are more...I just can't think right now.  Thank God for DVR and Hulu, otherwise I'd never see my favorite shows.  

The other thing on my mind right now is my knee.  You know......the gimpy one.  So far, it looks like my surgery was a success!  It's been a bumpy road.  This whole "No weight on it for 8 weeks" thing has really cramped my style.  No shopping, no driving, no walking in general!  I have found a creative way to get around school.  It's a knee scooter, but I found it's way more effective to ride it like a horse.  The kids think it's hilarious, and I just like not having to "crutch it" everywhere.  Next week is the big day though.  I find out if I'll be able to walk on my knee, my Dr. calls it "as tolerated."  Oh, I'll tolerate it all right.  I'd do annnnnything to get off crutches!  


  1. Oh, so sorry that you have crutches. Been there and done that.....they really get frustrating! I was so ready to get rid of mine as well. Hope you are able to get off them soon and able to get back to your normal routine. Kristi
    Teaching Little Miracles

    1. Thanks Kristi, crossing my fingers for good news next week!
      Enjoy what's left of yoru weekend :)