Tuesday, April 22, 2014

STAAR Test eve and some games....

Tomorrow's the big day.  I think these memes will put into words exactly how I feel.  

I thought I'd share a little of what we do to help break up the monotony of test prep.  I've seen lots of neat ideas for games, but I prefer things that are simple and versatile.  
I use my Classroom Response clickers religiously.  I know these are kind of a luxury item, but how about a more cost effective version.....Eggspert?!  About $30 on Amazon, and totally worth it.
more like a "beat the clock game," the kids click their egg & the first one to buzz in--lights up!  A classroom favorite.  On the same note, we only have 2 sets of eggs, so the rest of them use "push lights."  I find these at the dollar store, and they love to see them light up when they "buzz" in their answers. 
Still haven't seen anything that'll work in your classroom?  Another option is a pinch card.  You print out, laminate, and give each student a thumb card.  Once you pose your question, they respond by "pinching" the answer on their card.  All you have to do is walk around and monitor comprehension.  
 Pinch Cardsclick the pic to download!
Another favorite response game is good ol' 4 corners.  Same drill,  Ask a question, students solve, but you have posted 4 numbers around the room, they walk and stand by the number that corresponds to their answer.  

I hope you can use a few of these ideas to make getting ready for that state assessment a little more bearable!  
Don't worry, Ryan believes in got this!

Also.....did you notice my blog design changed?  Thanks to Megan over at A Bird in the Hand Designs for making my blog a little more upper elementary friendly!