Saturday, April 12, 2014

Braaaaaaaains.......Freebies, Zombies, & Homographs

Match made in heaven?!  Possibly.  I, much like my students, am obsessed with zombies.  I look forward to the Walking Dead each week, and I habitually watch episodes on Hulu to get my fix.

Playing on what my students (and myself) are interested in, I created a zombie workstation!  Vocabulary is a huge struggle in my class, and we do whatever we can to practice and understand new words.  I tell them everyday the only way to grow their vocabulary is to read.  Plain and simple.
But zombies, they listen to zombies.
This station includes 4 different activities which are tried and true.  Task Cards, a no brainer.  A Matching game; match the word with the 2 different definitions.  A Scoot! game (one of our favorites) Tape the cards to their desks & let them scoot to the next desk each couple of minutes.....great for those kinetic learners.  Lastly, a gallery walk.  Tape the cards around the room & in the hallway; your students can walk around and show what they know!

It's Saturday & I'm feeling saucy!  Click on the pic below for a freebie version of this station.  If you like-y, swing by my TPT for the full version.
 Zombie Freebie!

If anyone has any other ideas for teaching vocabulary, please share! Leave me a comment if you download, I'd love to hear from ya!

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