Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's this word mean?

How many times a day do I hear this phrase uttered in my classroom?! I know the best way for my kids to learn new vocabulary is to read, but sometimes they need a little push! So....I thought I'd share my vocabulary routine with you. I use this as my morning work, and my kids are trained now. They come in, grab a dictionary, get out their vocabulary ring, and they get started acquiring those words! Pretty simple concept, 2 new words to explore each day. I put a paper with words on each table; I also mix it up with QR codes sometimes. Whether they scan a QR code, or read it off a paper; the format is the same. They are looking at the word, and a sentence using that new word. Not only do they have to look up the definition; they also have to find the correct definition based on the context clues. 2 TEKS, 1 task! They Frayer model each word, I use various headings....synonyms, antonyms, definition, use it in a sentence, part of speech. When they finish, they add their new word to their "vocabulary ring," which is actually just a collection of cards held together by a binder ring. They love it because they can flip through it, and they are also obsessed with clipping them to the legs of their desks for a unique storage solution. If you'd like to use the "amazing" words I use each week; check out my Vocabulary Routine packs. I follow Reading Street's curriculum, 10 new "amazing" words each week. Even if you don't use RS; they are still great vocabulary enrichment! I'm also putting together QR codes for each word for you techies out there! TEKS aligned!! How about y'all? What do you do to help your kiddos expand their knowledge base of vocabulary?

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